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SmartFee helps businesses to pay their accounting and legal fees in manageable, monthly instalments that best suit them. SmartFee pays the Accounting or Legal firm the entire invoice in full, and provides the SME the ability to pay off the full amount over a three to twelve month period. This makes it easier for your firm to maintain a consistent cashflow, as SmartFee pays your business upfront, every time.

When a client is referred to SmartFee, there is a 24 hour approval period. Once approved, a SmartFee professional will make contact to set up the payment plan with the client and organise full fee payment to your firm.

You will also receive access to My/SmartFee, your all in one online payment portal solution which provides you with all the necessary information to keep track of your client payment scheduling and history. There are no application or administration fees attached and a quick approval process to ensure you get paid as soon as possible.

SmartFee offers this fee funding service to all accountants and lawyers across Australia. To sign up to SmartFee contact us on 1300 723 243 or email us at admin@smartfee.com.au.

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