Clients welcome SmartFee

Positioning SmartFee as a solution for your clients to access the advice they need to grow their business NOW, means that their business grows faster from your great expertise.

It’s so simple to use, they love it

We consistently receive highly positive feedback from SMEs for our flexibility, service and easy process. Quick fact – over 30% of our loans are for repeat clients!

We make it easy to explain

We provide professional explainer templates and training to prepare your team to leverage SmartFee for growth. We provide easy integration into your proposal and invoices, so there are no operational impediments

Quick, transparent loan approval and hands-on management

Our online applications offer sub-24 hour approval and you get complete visibility of your client’s transaction record. We take on all the administration for you, proactively managing accounts to minimise potential missed payments. Imagine: fee collection done for you.

Pre-approval closes more proposals

You can have your client approved for SmartFee BEFORE you present them with the option. SmartFee Pre-approval positions you as the proactive, solution-focused firm your clients want.

Application Fees? Forget it!

We know the application fees get in the way so we don’t charge them – simple!

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