About SmartFee

SmartFee was founded by accountants, so we understand the professional services industry and appreciate the challenges that professionals and their clients face. Providing a service that helps accountants and lawyers better their relationship with their client is pivotal to our core offering and values. Our team ensure they deliver quality service by maintaining regular communications and updates for all clients.

SmartFee is a funding solutions provider specialising in monthly payment solutions for professional fees. We help businesses pay their invoices from professional advisers over flat monthly instalments with a repayment term of up to 12 months. By doing this, both professionals and their clients benefit from a cashflow and budgeting perspective.

The Professionals Partner

SmartFee has been servicing professionals and their clients since 2003. With over 16 years of service, we have built strong relationships with numerous professional firms and are proud to provide a service that enhances professional relationships. The SmartFee brand has been a part of the SV Partners Group since 2003, with both brandsproud to be servicing professionals and their clients across the eastern seaboard.

The Monthly Payment Solution

We developed the SmartFee monthly payment solution to assist professionals with being paid on time and relieve business owners from cashflow pressures. The SmartFee service also allows professionals to invoice their clients in advance, so their clients are able to pay the fees over manageable monthly instalments. SmartFee allows professionals to provide advice to their clients when they need it, not just when they can afford it.

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