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SmartFee, simply put, helps businesses pay invoices issued by their accountant or lawyer over a monthly instalment plan. We do this by funding the invoice, so the firm gets paid up front (by SmartFee) for the total amount of the invoice and the business owner pays the total amount owed on the invoice over a monthly set schedule. The payment schedule is based on a fixed amount each month with the option to pay off the total amount over 3 to 12 instalments.

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Our Approach

SmartFee is founded by accountants, so we understand what is important to the them and respect the relationship between the firm and their clients (the business owners). We are an Australian business, with an accessible team that are proud to be client relationship driven and have a dedicated client services administrator that manages client accounts to minimise potential missed payments. We have been operating businesses in the professional industry for over 15 years and quality service and experience for our clients is imperative.