I want to use SmartFee to pay an invoice.

SmartFee helps businesses pay invoices issued by their accountant over a monthly instalment plan. We do this by funding the invoice, so your accountant gets paid up front (by SmartFee) for the total amount of the invoice and you pay the total amount owed on the invoice over a monthly schedule.

SmartFee allows businesses to get the services when they need it and not just when they can afford it.

  • No application or administration fees
  • Approval within 1 business day
  • Simple transparent online application process
  • Full invoice payment to your accountant within 3 business days of you making your first instalment
  • Dedicated Client Services Administrator to manage your account and minimise potential missed payments including reminder communications
  • Choose a repayment term that suits your business and the day of the month your payment is made
  • Easier than traditional lending processes
  • Tax deductible
  • No financials required

SmartFee is founded by accountants, so we understand what is important to you and respect the relationship between your accountant and your business.

We have been operating in the professional industry for over 15 years and quality services is imperative to our core values.

We are an Australian business, with and accessible team that are proud the be client relationship driven.

How does SmartFee work?

SmartFee helps business pay invoices issued by their accountant over a monthly instalment plan. We do this by funding the invoice, so your accountant gets paid up front (by SmartFee) for the total amount of the invoice over a monthly set plan.

The payment schedule for your business is based on a fixed amount each month, with repayment terms from 3-12 instalments. We have a simple signup process with fast approval (up to 1 business day).

Your dedicated Client Services Administrator manages your account including payment reminders and will assist you where needed.


Fee Funding is an alternative payment solution that allows a business to pay their invoice issued by their professional advisor (accountancy or legal fees), over monthly instalments rather than a lump sum. SmartFee is the monthly payment option for professional fees.

Any business that has an Australian Business Number (ABN) can obtain funding for their professional fees. This includes any company, partnership, sole trader, trust or self managed super fund. SmartFee will only provide funding on invoices that are for business purposes and issued by a professional advisor. The invoice must specify the services rendered by the Practice.

Borrowers may pay their invoice over 3 to 12 instalments. Their professional advisor should discuss the appropriate option with their client best suited to them.

Whether you are a professional firm or a borrower, you do not need to provide your financials. To mitigate any potential risks for both parties, SmartFee will conduct a risk check on new clients.

If you are a borrower, yes, you can pay off the remaining amount owed early and there are no early payout fees.

The invoice must be issued by your professional advisor (firm) within the last 12 months.

No, SmartFee do not fund invoices to individuals. We fund invoices issued by professional firms to businesses with an Australian Business Number (ABN).

The invoice must be made under the entity which represents the ABN or ACN. It also must specify the services rendered by the professional firm.

We have no application fees for the professional firm or their clients. We are transparent about all costs associated with funding invoices and we provide a schedule for the borrower with set monthly instalments. We ensure the borrower (and the professional) know exactly how much is due per instalment and the due date for payment.

Our payment methods are through direct debit and credit card (Visa/Mastercard and Amex). We encourage our clients to utilise the online secure payment gateway for their convenience.

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