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It’s no secret that the events of the last two years have served the most significant challenge for businesses in a generation. With 31% of businesses having difficulty finding suitable staff, 46% experiencing increases in operating expenses and 41% facing supply chain issues, it can be difficult to stay on top of meeting all payment obligations.

When you are facing financial difficulty, your priority as a business owner is to keep the business afloat and the answer to your problems is often to get help from an accountant or lawyer. However, before you empty the bank to pay your accountant or lawyer, it’s important to consider what payment options are available to make engaging their services more manageable and allow you to maintain healthy cashflow.

SmartFee partners with many accounting and law firms but if you find it’s not available with yours, its as simple as asking for the option to pay with SmartFee.

There are many benefits to using SmartFee to pay your accountant or lawyer, including:

• Able to access services from your accountant or lawyer when you need it, not just when you can afford it
• Easier to maintain a consistent cashflow
• Manageable fees
• If you need to access a service that requires upfront payment before it is undertaken – SmartFee is the best option

Why SmartFee

• No application or administration fees
• Approval within 24 hours
• Simple, transparent online application process
• Dedicated relationship manager
• Choose a repayment term that suits your business
• No financials required and tax deductible
• Full invoice payment to your accountant or lawyer within 3 business days of you making your first instalment

At SmartFee, your dedicated relationship manager will be in contact with you throughout your repayment period, working with you to ensure things are going smoothly and assisting should any speed bumps be encountered along the way.

SmartFee is the smarter way to pay. Contact us to find out how you can get started today!