How Does It Work?

Fee Funding

Direct Fee Payment

How does it work?

SmartFee has partnered with IntegraPay to make getting paid easy. Our payment solutions will enable you to collect fees directly from your client’s bank account account or credit / debit card.

Setting up an IntegraPay account is simple and you’ll be ready to accept fee payments online or directly through the SmartFee online portal for every invoice.

Get Paid Faster

Cash flow is crucial to every business and direct debit is the perfect tool to receive consistent reliable revenue, but not if your waiting over a week for your money. IntegraPay settles cleared funds daily, so you’ll have your money sooner.

IntegraPay’s advanced online dashboard makes managing direct debit payments easy. We provide you with the freedom and control to view your customer’s contact and payment details, add new customers, amend payments, or process one-off payments, 24×7. All information displayed is live and all changes are applied instantly.

The dashboard offers clear visibility of the health of your business, displaying recent settlements, past income and upcoming payments, on one simple screen. You can regenerate statements instantly and easily search individual customers.

We know how important it is for customers to know which business they have paid. With the option of IntegraPay’s Premium Merchant facility, your business name will appear on your customer’s financial statements, eliminating any confusion over who they have paid.

IntegraPay makes processing payments even easier with electronic Direct Debit Forms (eDDRs), enabling you to sign customers up on the go via your mobile device. Best of all, the customer is automatically set up within IntegraPay’s Console, eliminating the need for paper copies or manual data entry. eDDRs can include your logo and branding, along with terms and conditions specific to your service offering. You can automatically send a copy to your customer upon completion.

Spend less time and money on collections with the option of sending SMS and email payment reminders directly to your customer. You can even avoid those awkward conversations about failed payments by sending an SMS or email advising them that their payment has failed.

IntegraPay’s exclusive rebilling logic gives you total control of how failed payments are actioned. The system automatically distinguishes between Hard Declines and Soft Declines and takes the appropriate action to recoup lost revenue. We can even process payments from valid accounts if your customer hasn’t updated their expiry date. This, coupled with the ability to automatically reschedule payments, reduces revenue loss.

Processing payments online is simple with IntegraPay’s Hosted Payment Page, creating a seamless experience for your customer. You are able to brand and host your own secure payment page whilst still achieving the highest level of security. Maintained in our PCI compliant environment, all data is tokenised and stored within a 100% secure ‘Card Vault’ facility. Hosted Payments can integrate directly with any e-commerce website, shopping cart, subscription billing, online invoicing and mobile payment platforms.

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