Happy Clients

“As with everything in life, accountancy fees, although worth it, can be a significant cost. Our accountant introduced us to SmartFee which enabled us to spread the cost of their fees over a period with a flexible payment plan and first class communication. We are now able to afford more services from our accountant that we previously hadn’t considered, as we thought costs would be prohibitive. We will certainly be using SmartFee again for our tax return invoices and other accountancy services.”
– EX31 Pty Ltd – Mark Daniel


“SmartFee has provided our firm with a positive cash flow and allowed us to be paid in a timely manner. Smartfee offers clients a great option when cash flow is crucial, with a process that is straight forward with fast approval. Definitely consider SmartFee as another option of getting paid.”
– Dendra – George Kontominas


“SmartFee is very easy to use. We are greatly impressed with SmartFee’s response times and support, and appreciate them taking the time to speak with our clients to ensure that everything is working well for them. SmartFee is competitive, our clients appreciate the option and we like the fact that they are very thorough in the process.”
– Cambio Group – Jenny


“We’ve used SmartFee a number of times now. SmartFee just makes sense from a budgeting and cashflow perspective. With SmartFee, I know we can settle our account promptly and maintain the valuable relationship we have with our accountant.”
– Capricorn Surveys Gladstone – David Samuelson


“Our accountant recommended SmartFee at a time when we needed significant support with our business transition. SmartFee helped us get the right advice at the right time, reduced our stress and ensured that we were able to meet our regulatory and compliance requirements.”
– Active Training Specialists – Peta Hill

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